As a painter, I am fortunate to live and work on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts. My landscape work, primarily in oil, seeks to explore and recreate the unique light, texture and beauty of this special place. I studied art for three years at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy and also at the School of Fashion Design in Boston.


I begin the artistic process as a spectator whether I am surfing or going for a walk, I will become particularly drawn to the aesthetics of nature and the clear and precise light of the island environment. This light, simply fascinates me with it’s transparency and depth it fills me with the need to recreate it. As flexible medium, always subject to change, I engage with my painting to illuminate diverse perspectives and challenge myself to find new forms of expression. Layer by layer, my work allows me to lose, regain, and reimagine my conception of the creative process as I strive, ultimately, to recreate the moments where light and beauty are one.